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New supporting document scanning process

From April 3rd, 2017 customers applying for a UK visa in Kyiv will benefit from digital improvements to the UK visa application process. Supporting documents will be scanned whilst customers are at the visa application centre. These digital documents will then be sent securely to UKVI, with the passport, and visa officers will then consider the application in the usual way. This development is made available to customers using both our standard and Priority Visa services.

All documents submitted by customers applying for PBS Tier 1, 2, 4 and 5, EEA applications and other non-settlement and non-visit visas will be scanned at the Visa Application Centre and sent electronically securely to UKVI.

In order to avoid delays in the Visa Application Centre it is recommended that customers follow the instructions below:

  • Bring your original passport (or travel document) and residence permit/national ID card (if applicable);
  • Bring A4 copies of all of your supporting documents. Copies should be of reasonably good quality to be readable when scanned. Use coloured copies if necessary.
  • If you would like to submit an old passport or a sponsor’s passport as supporting document, then you must provide copies of it as well;
  • Remove any staples, clips or pins from documents before submitting them.

Presenting the documents in the format set out above will allow us to scan them more quickly, and reduce waiting times at the Visa Application Centre.