Welcome to TLScontact in Khartoum

How to apply

Step 1: Register on GOV.UK website

Start your journey by visiting the UK government Visas and Immigration website to:

  • Find out what type of visa you need and what documents you need to prepare; 
  • Fill your online application form, pay visa fee and book an appointment at our Visa Application Centre;
  • Receive a unique GWF Number (please take note of this number as you will need it when registering on the TLScontact website).

You will be able to check your appointment details whenever you log on to the UK Visas and Immigration website.

Step 2: Register on TLScontact website

Please Register and create your account. After creating your account on our website, you will start enjoying the following benefits:

  • Easy check in when attending your appointment at our visa application center;
  • Purchase Added Value Services if you are looking for a more convenient application experience;
  • Start enabling your application status tracker.

Please ensure that you are registering on the TLScontact website corresponding to the Visa Application Centre where you have booked your appointment on
GOV.UK website.

Step 3: Attend your appointment at TLScontact

Please arrive on time to your scheduled appointment time to our Visa Application Centre and check in at Welcome Desk by showing your passport and appointment confirmation email.

To avoid any delay to your application, please ensure that you come with the documents below:

  • Printed copy of your appointment confirmation;
  • Printed receipt(s) of payment of added value services (if applicable);
  • Original valid passport (or travel document) and residence permit original and copy in A4 format (if applicable);
  • Supporting documents that you wish to submit (with copies in A4 format of all originals);
  • The first page of the VAF or the checklist.

Once checked-in, TLScontact will:

  • Review your application’s documentation;
  • Enroll your biometric data by capturing your fingerprints and taking your photo (unless you benefit from an exemption);
  • Transfer your application to UK Visas & Immigration for assessment and processing.

Any minor applicant  must be accompanied by an adult when submitting their visa application (and the adult should be present during the biometrics process).

UK Visas & Immigration may ask for additional information, or document, or an interview. If this happens, you will be contacted by email with detailed instructions.

 New Document Scanning process

Step 4: Visa Processing

Your application will be considered by UK Visas & Immigration, part of the UK government. TLScontact has no role, neither can influence the decision on the visa application outcome.

During the visa processing period, you can Login into your account on our website and check your visa application’s status any time.

Step 5: Passport Collection

Once your passport is returned to our Visa application centre by UK Visas & Immigration and is ready for collection, we will send you an email notification.

If you would like to receive your passport by courier or receive SMS notice, please check if those Added Values Services are available in the Visa Application Centre you are applying.

For any details regarding passport delivery and alternative passport return ways, please check
FAQ session.