Welcome to TLScontact in Khartoum


Opening Hours

Opening hours Visa Section – Sunday to Thursday (by appointment) 08:30-11:30
Collections - Sunday to Thursday (by appointment) 13:00-14:00
Consular (and British Passports until January 31st 2016) – Sunday to Wednesday 09:00-12:00
British Passports (from February 1st 2016) – Sunday to Thursday 08:30-11:00
Embassy – Sunday to Wednesday 08:00-16:00
Thursday 08:00-14:30

Address of the UK Visa Application Centre

British Embassy, Baladiya Street, Khartoum, Sudan.

Public Holidays 2018


Day and date

New Year/ Independence Day

Monday 1 January

Orthodox Christmas

Sunday 7 January

Easter Sunday

Sunday 01 April

Eastern Easter Sunday

Sunday 08 April

Easter Monday & Shamelnasim

Monday 09 April

Eid Elfitr *

Sunday 17 June

Eid Elfitr *

Monday 18 June

Eid Al Adha *

Monday 20 August

Eid Al Adha *

Tuesday 21 August

Eid Al Adha *

Wednesday 22 August

Christmas Eve

Monday 24 December

Christmas Day

Tuesday 25 December

Boxing Day

Wednesday 26 December

*Dates to be confirmed.

Please note that an optional additional day of Embassy closure is being held in reserve to ensure that we can respond more easily holidays without fixed dates.