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On Demand Mobile Visa Service

Enjoy the luxury of the Visa Application Centre coming to you for biometric enrolment.

Starting from £ 350.00

Added Value Services descriptions

We offer a range of services for customers, which make your application quicker or more convenient. These services are optional and require a fee to be paid. Please read the full descriptions and terms and conditions below before deciding which you would like to use.


  • These optional services do not influence the outcome of your application;
  • The Added Value Service fees are not refundable in case of withdrawal, visa refusal, or payment in the wrong application centre location. For more information, please consult our page Terms of Payment.
  • For service purchased online in advance, please always bring a printed receipt of payment when you attend your appointment.
  • If you would like to purchase AVS on site, we accept the following payment method(s) in the centre: credit card.
  • Each applicant should purchase AVS with their own application number. Listed price is charged per application unless it is specially clarified.



PRICE: Starting from £ 350.00


This is an On Demand service, for applicants wishing to apply for a UK visa in the comfort and convenience of their own location in Sub-Saharan Africa.
The ‘On Demand Mobile Visa service” is available to individuals and groups, such as corporate employees, or families, who prefer not to travel to or visit the Visa Application Centers in Sub-Saharan Africa.
This service comes at and additional cost, which will be determined according to your preferred location. The service charge is payable directly to TLScontact by a Bank Transfer, in addition to the relevant UK visa fee.

How to request the On Demand Mobile Visa Service:
1. You may request this service HERE by filling in the Feedback and Complaints form
2. In the ‘Reasons for contact’ section please click on ‘On Demand Service’
3. In the ‘Message’ box, please state your location (Full Address), your preferred date/time and clearly specify the number of people who will apply for a UK visa, including the full names of every applicant.

Please note the following terms and conditions of this service:

  • TLScontact will acknowledge the email within 24 hours and revert to you within 3 working days from the date of your request, providing you with details of the required service fee and confirming acceptance of the proposed location and timing.
  • A discounted service fee will be considered for larger groups.
  • The proposed location may impact the Price of the service.
  • TLScontact reserves the right to decline the handling of visa applications in locations difficult to access, or which are considered not secure.
  • The service fee must be paid in advance. Appointment will be granted once payment is complete.
  • Payment shall be made through a bank transfer to the account communicated by TLScontact.
  • This service is non-refundable.
  • All applications are sent to UK Visas & Immigration regional offices for processing. TLScontact has no influence over the decision-making process. Purchase of this service does not guarantee that a UK visa will be issued.