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Recommended services for you

Walk in without appointment

Apply on Walk-in basis either without an appointment, before your scheduled appointment or after missing your appointment.

£ 60.00

Form Filling Assistance

Get support from experienced visa application staff at the Visa Application Centre in order to complete your Visa Application Form on line.

£ 50.00

Other services


A photocopy machine is at your disposal in the Visa Application Centre in case you need to make any document copy.

£ 1.00


Added Value Services descriptions

We offer a range of services for customers, which make your application quicker or more convenient. These services are optional and require a fee to be paid. Please read the full descriptions and terms and conditions below before deciding which you would like to use.


  • These optional services do not influence the outcome of your application;
  • The Added Value Service fees are not refundable in case of withdrawal, visa refusal, or payment in the wrong application centre location. For more information, please consult our page Terms of Payment.
  • For service purchased online in advance, please always bring a printed receipt of payment when you attend your appointment.
  • If you would like to purchase AVS on site, we accept the following payment method(s) in the centre: cash, credit card.
  • Each applicant should purchase AVS with their own application number. Listed price is charged per application unless it is specially clarified.

PRICE: £ 60.00

Payment: Online

This service allows applicant to submit their application without appointment, or before/after their scheduled appointment date, during opening hours of the Visa Application Centre.

To purchase this service please log in at your personal account on this Website and purchase it.



PRICE: £ 50.00

Payment: Online

An optional service where the Service Centre staff will assist customers complete their online application form, recording answers to the application questions verbatim in the customers own words. Service staff will not be able to offer any advice. If translation is required, the VAC will provide it. 

All customers will be required to sign a disclaimer (English and Arabic version) confirming their understanding of the terms and satisfaction with the service.

To purchase this service please log in at your personal account on this website and purchase it.



PRICE: £ 1.00 / NIS 5 (3 pages)

Payment: Onsite (cash)

Photocopy service is available in TLScontact to get a copy of your original documents.

To purchase this service, please consult our staff at anytime during the application process in the Visa Application Centre.


Condition for getting a refund

If you made a mistake and would like to get a refund of Added Value Service payment, please read the following instructions:

  • Duplicate-Payments: Applicants have 3 months and 7 days after their appointment day to notify Visa Application Centre of duplicate payments and be eligible for a refund. To be considered as a duplicate payment both transactions must be linked to the same GWF reference number and be for the same service.