Welcome to TLScontact centre in Nigeria

    The TLScontact centre application procedure, established in conjunction with UK Visas & Immigration, aims to provide the best visa application service. Our aim is to help you prepare your visa application and assist UK Visas & Immigration in processing applications in a timely manner.

    If you are applying in Nigeria, please consider the recent credit card restrictions introduced by the Nigerian banking sector. You may be required to obtain per-authorization from your bank or card issuing authority in Nigeria when making a credit card payment in excess of US$300. Be aware that your payment may be declined by your card issuing authority if you have not obtained this authorization prior to processing your visa fee payment or when purchasing an added value service on this website.

    Please choose the correct location you wish to apply for your visa:

    (Payment in the wrong location will not be refunded)


    Lagos - Victoria Island

    Lagos - Ikeja

    The UK Visa Application Centre, Lagos User Pays VAC switch

    With effect from the 3rd April, 2017, the UK Visa Application Centre in Ikeja will no longer be a User Pay VAC. However, applicants who wish to submit their applications at the Victoria Island Centre will now be subject to the User Pay fee.


    From 5 December 2016 customers applying for a UK visa using our standard or Priority Visa services in Lagos Victoria Island and Ikeja Nigeria will benefit from digital improvements to the UK visa application process.  TLScontact will scan your supporting documents whilst you’re at the visa application centre, and then give back your documents to you immediately. They will then send these digital documents to UKVI, with your passport, and visa officers will consider your application in the usual way.

    Customers purchasing a Super Priority visa service, which is available only in the Lagos Victoria Island application centre, will still be required to submit their original documents to be sent to UKVI by TLScontact.

    In order to avoid delays in the visa application centre, we recommend that those using the standard and Priority Visa services note the following:

    • Where possible all documents should be A4 size;
    • You photocopy any documents (including old passport, if you wish to submit), which are smaller or larger than A4 onto A4 sized paper.
    • You remove any clips or pins from documents before submitting them;
    • If your documents are torn, crumpled or heavily creased documents, please photocopy them onto A4 sized paper before they are submitted, as they can’t be scanned in this condition.